At the core of Mandala Massage Supply is Trust and Purity. They are the center of our Mandala which we have created for you. It encompasses our spirit, our honesty, and products. It is alive by the support we give to each other and the continued daily growth and interaction of positive people.

Through our extensive education and professionalism we are able to source and offer high quality essential oils, natural ingredients, and products for your loved ones, your craft, and your healing practices right here in Reno, Nevada.

We offer a wide selection of affordable aromatherapy and natural offerings.  Temple of Life Natural Lifestyle Remedies is Mandala Massage Supply’s house brand. They are hand made to the very last drop. We are trained to make Safe and Effective products for your everyday use.

With all the other benefits of shopping local, you also have the opportunity to help Mother Earth and Re-Use and Re-Fill your bottles!