Our core value is pretty simple. At Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary, we believe in trust and purity. Today’s natural products industry can be very confusing, especially with misleading information and too many choices. Our goal is to share our 25 years of experience and education, as well as supplying pure products. Everyone deserves that local place to shop for supplies that will nourish their natural lifestyle choices. And that is why we created our beloved Mandala: a spirited, honest, local massage supply and aroma apothecary.

Mandala Massage Supply: a local business run by educated professionals.

Through our extensive education in aromatherapy and holistic health, we are able to source and offer high quality essential oils and natural supplies. Customers can feel, smell, and test products before buying and there is absolutely no guessing about the quality because we have hand picked the ingredients we sell. As professional aromatherapists and herbalists born and raised in Reno, we do not sell mediocre supplies to anyone. You can be confident that your loved ones and healing practices are getting reliable products.

Temple of Life Aroma Therapeutics for natural lifestyles

Temple of Life Natural Lifestyle Remedies is Mandala Massage Supply’s excellent house brand. Certainly, our main focus is to create alternative remedies which balance and support healthy lifestyles. Mandala has been formulating safe and effective aroma therapeutics for over two decades. Products are made fresh to the very last drop, the ingredients that make up the remedies have been tested for 13 years, and the public has been purchasing them for 7 years. Now, isn’t that refreshing?

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Love Your Mother: Refill & Reuse

With all the other benefits of shopping local and supporting your community, Mandala also offers the opportunity to preserve Mother Earth and your pocketbook. We highly recommend reusing your bottles and jars by refilling your products. Temple of Life’s refillable products include: essential oils, massage oils, spot treatments, aroma misters, therapeutic roll-on’s, natural ingredients, creams, lotions, and many more!