best natural apothecary

Imagine having a hands on natural apothecary that specializes in pure ingredients right at your door steps. Well, dream no further because Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary is that local shop! Mandala offers beautiful cosmetic crafting ingredients and aromatherapy supplies including a healthy selection of naturally sourced carrier oils, cold pressed specialty oils, and rich body butters. In addition, we also stock a variety of other earthly treasures such as pure salts, clays, and flower waters. Because of our education and long time experience sourcing ingredients, we are able to supply our natural apothecary with nothing but reliable products.

beauty & body oils

With our intention of specializing in aromatherapy and natural ingredient supplies we ended up capturing the amazing world of oils inside Mandala. One can find individual base oils, essential oils, specialty oils, and already made blends for beauty, body, and bliss.

Specializing in massage oils and muscle remedies, the possibilities are endless for creating massage products.

Our beauty oil blends are notably healing and nourishing to the body. We have anti-aging blends, skin correction oils, and many more suitable for holistic choices and lifestyles. Respectively, our best sellers are Rose Drops Facial Oil, Skin Therapy, and Sol Play After Sun Spray.

useful gifts

When walking into the aroma shop, customers are gently aromatized with natural goodness. Our gift and self pampering items are pleasing to the senses without being overwhelming to the nose or wallet. Choose fresh bath and body products, therapeutic remedies, and all kinds of delightful properly scented surprises. Mandala offers different packaging choices including gift bags, essential oil pouches, tins, and boxes for customized gift packages.

Freshly made gift items include dead sea bath soaks, sea and sweet body scrubs, roll on therapies, and muscle remedies. And equally fun choices for customized gift packages are moisturizing soaps, organic candles, exotic perfume oils, goats milk cream, and organic lotions. Now all you have to so is have a good time picking them out.

In conclusion, you just have to come in and see and smell for yourself!