massage supply

As a result of our massage career having to come to an end, we recognized the need for a local massage supply store in Reno. Consequently, we decided to take these matters into our own hands after realizing we could actually make this happen. With the combination of our experience as a body worker and our extensive education in aromatherapy and herbal medicine, we created Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary: a local hands-on place to purchase quality massage supplies, aromatherapy products, and natural remedies.

Some of our basic quality supplies include: massage sheets, bed warmers, fleece covers, bolsters, holsters, hot stones, salt stones, massage tools, hot and cold packs, aroma diffusers, and other healing ambiance items.

massage products

Our massage supply products include Sacred Earth Botanicals and Temple of Life Natural Lifestyle Remedies.

Sacred Earth is an all organic massage product line that we have been selling since the store opened. We carry their clean massage lotion, gel, cream, warming lotion, and foot lotion. Indeed they are very popular among professionals, as well as home use.

Temple of Life is our house brand. The massage line has short and simple ingredient lists made up of natural ingredients. Our lotion is very affordable and perfect for regular and deep tissue massage. Temple of Life cream is rich and luscious and gives the skin nutrients from mango butter and other healthy ingredients.

In our apothecary we make four superb unscented massage oil blends out of cold pressed oils including Rich, Silky Blend (nut free), Spa Blend (nut free), and Dosha Blend. They are all made fresh in small batches, have a beautiful viscosity, spread heavenly, and absorb well.

We also make professionally formulated therapeutic massage oils which smell divine and are safe and effective for the whole body. Choose from our assortment of relaxing, muscle, or sensual blends. Our favorites are: Benevolent Body, Love Candy, and Positive Breath.

We love our Mother Earth and recommend reusing and refilling. By the ounce or by the gallons, we can refill your bottles!

muscle remedies

After practicing massage therapy for 13 years and being in the aroma industry for many more, we have come up with some top notch muscle remedies!

Our muscle remedies and spot treatments are comprised of quality base oils, organic herbal infusions, and specific essential oil blends. If you are tired of dealing with discomforts or want to help that massage client get some relief, try adding our Healers Oil, Muscle Therapy, and Muscle Goo to your massage supply products.