open mind = open nose

Explore first hand our line of 100% pure essential oils and remedies while enjoying a healing ambiance. With an open nose, one will discover clean and vibrant aromas in our inviting aroma apothecary. At Mandala Massage Supply, we provide safety in a confusing aromatherapy industry with too many unknown choices to comb through. Mandala has done the weeding for you and our hope is to share old school knowledge of essential oils, as well as dispensing therapeutic grade essential oils.

Trusted essential oils

Mandala is the trusted local shop for a large variety of affordable essential oils. Our aromatherapist has been sourcing non adulterated “genuine” essential oils for 25 years that have been professionally distilled or pressed from organic, wild crafted, and sustainably farmed plants. And most definitely they are free of solvents and additives. With knowledge and experience we have picked over 80 single essential oils for the aroma apothecary as well as designed over 30 healthful essential oil blends. Tested and tried, they obtain the full physiological, emotional, and spiritual benefits for effective aromatherapy. You will instantly notice their powerful vibration and clean notes.

Temple of Life Aroma Therapeutics

Temple of Life is our personally trademarked house brand of essential oils and aroma therapeutics. Undoubtedly we have been working on formulas and resourcing ingredients for many years to make this a brand to stand strong by. As part of our dedication to true aromatherapy, our most important goal is to make safe and effective natural lifestyle remedies for you, your family, and massage or spa practice. With our therapeutic oils, we have created helpful blends for beauty, body, and bliss.

Fragrance Oils

In addition to the aroma apothecary, we also stock cosmetic grade body safe fragrance oils. They are a creative addition to scrubs, lotions, soaps, perfumes, body oils, bath bombs, candles, and more.

With over 30 delightful scents to choose from, your nose will surely have some fun. You can also have the pleasure in mixing and matching scents for a one of a kind personalized scent which we can add to a roll-on perfumes, scrubs, creams, misters, and body oils.

What are you in the mood for: woodsy, exotic, floral, fruity, spicy?              We got it all!

Aroma Diffusers

Come in and check out our quality aroma diffusers. Choose from ultrasonic, salt lamp, mood light, fan, and hand-crafted aroma jewelry for dispersing your lovely oils into the air.