Essential Oils & Blends

Mandala is the trusted aromatherapy shop for high quality essential oils and aromatherapy supplies. We have the largest supply of therapeutic grade essential oils in Reno with over 80 single essential oils and over 30 aromatherapy blends in our aroma apothecary.

Our aromatherapist has been sourcing non adulterated “genuine”  essential oils for 25 years. They have been tried and tested and obtain the full physiological, emotional, and spiritual benefits for effective aromatherapy. You will instantly notice their powerful vibration and clean aroma.

Come in and smell awhile, create custom blends, or just enjoy our welcoming atmosphere and healing ambiance.

essential oils done right!

Mandala’s shelves are full of fresh products for your healthy lifestyle choices. With our therapeutic oils we have created helpful blends for beauty, body, and bliss. Our professionals know the right dilutions and formulas for oil blends to work properly. Our most important goal is to make Safe and Effective Natural Lifestyle Remedies for you, your family, and massage or spa practice.

We also offer customized products by our trained herbalist and aromatherapist who can help guide you into finding your dream scent or desired outcome.

Our Aroma Apothecary consists of:

*aroma misters   *roll ons   *massage oils   *body scrubs   *bath salts   *natural remedies   *beauty oils   *organic lotions   *exotic perfume oils   *anointing oils

Fragrance oils

We supply cosmetic grade body safe fragrance oils. They are a creative addition to scrubs, lotions, soaps, perfumes, body oils, bath bombs, candles, and more. The high quality scents can also be diffused in non ultrasonic diffusers.

There are over 30 delightful scents to choose from. What are you in the mood for?

*fruity   *woodsy   *floral   * exotic   *mystical

aroma diffusers

Come in and check out our ultrasonic aroma diffusers and our Mood Light Aroma Diffusers for your lovely oils.