Lisa Adele Rojas is owner and soul creator of Reno’s original aromatherapy shop, Mandala Massage Supply & Apothecary. She was born and raised in Reno, NV and at age 20 discovered herbal medicine. To this date, she has an extensive background in herbology and aromatherapy, as well as in the spa and massage industry. Furthermore, she has been blending quality oils and aroma therapeutics for 25 years, preparing products for spas for 13 years, and selling to the public for 7 years.

aromatherapy experience

There are many conscious farmers and professional distillers dedicated to supplying aromatherapists and herbalists pure essential oils. For over 2 decades Lisa has been sourcing and purchasing these essential oils and natural ingredients and then designing therapeutic essential oil blends and remedies with them. After targeting consistent quality products, Lisa then birthed Temple of Life Natural Lifestyle Remedies and Aroma Therapeutics.

temple of life: aroma therapeutics

You can count on a pleasurable, well tested product to fall in love with and share with your loved ones. Lisa’s keen nose and quality assurance skills can leave one rest assured that Temple of Life’s scents are purely therapeutic. Moreover, reliable and professionally made to the very last drop for a safe and effective finished product!

aromatherapy education

Lisa’s herbal path included many aspects of alternative healing methods including Western, Eastern, Ayurvedic, and other holistic practices. She accomplished many herbal and aromatherapy apprenticeships including the East West Herbal School, Herb Pharm, and Kathi Keville’s botanical courses. But most highly, a Bachelor’s in Herbal Science from Bastyr University.

talk to us

Because we are properly educated in essential oil use and and enjoy talking to customers, we encourage you to pick our brains. It takes a comprehensive and solid aromatherapy education to differentiate product hype to real quality essential oils. Over marketing is abundant right now as wells as a lot of misleading information. We are open minded and unbiased. Give us a call.